Career Success A to Z-complete-series

Today, I’m happy to announce a brand new blog series called, “Career Success: A to Z.”

This is a fun project I’ve been thinking about for a while. With the recent re-launch of Eat Your Career, I figured now was a good time to jump in.

Here’s the idea: Each week, I’ll be posting an article that explores one key concept of career success. The catch? I’m going to cover the whole alphabet from A to Z. So this is a 26-part series.

It’s a big commitment, but here I am, publicly committing to seeing it through to the end. And trust me, things will definitely get interesting—especially when we get to the last few. Part of the reason I want to do this is for the challenge and to see what kind of creativity it will inspire.

My hope is that it will inspire you as well! I’ll be digging deep into my professional development bag of tricks to share the best I have to offer (alphabetically of course).

So stay tuned. The first article (covering a concept starting with the letter “A”) drops later this week. If you’re worried about missing one in the series, join the FREE Career Resource Library! Members have the option of getting blog posts emailed to them directly as soon as they’re published.