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Raise the Bar and Achieve Excellence in Your Adminstrative Career

ELEVATE Admins is the name of both Chrissy’s bestselling book and signature training program for administrative assistants, executive assistants and other support professionals.

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Bestselling Book

Discover the tools you need to not only meet the ever-expanding demands of the admin role, but to establish yourself as a peak performer in this increasingly competitive field.


Training Program

ELEVATE Admins is the ultimate development program designed to develop, retain and attract high-quality administrative professionals. Bring it to your organization today!

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Admin Resources

Access additional resources to accompany the book and training program and support your learning.

What Does ELEVATE Mean?


Administrative professionals, like nearly all employees, excel most when they feel enthusiastic about their role and deeply involved in (and committed to) the success of the business.

This program helps admins feel invested in their work and the organization by reigniting their sense of professional passion.


Few administrative teams are properly leveraged. That doesn’t mean they’re not busy; they simply aren’t contributing to the fullest extent possible. Most administrative professionals have talents and interests that go beyond the typical day-to-day tasks assigned to them.

This program teaches admins to leverage their capabilities in new and different ways to achieve maximum productivity and exceptional performance.


Administrative professionals are often stifled by micromanagement and lack of authority. However, this role possesses a unique, hidden opportunity for exerting influence within the team and the organization as a whole.

This program teaches administrative professionals to make decisions and take initiative based on their own sound judgment, giving them a deeper investment in the outcome and a greater sense of purpose.


The administrative role has long been undervalued in the workplace, and this has negatively influenced the way admins view their own contributions. People rise (or fall) to meet the expectations placed on them. By understanding how their work impacts the bottom line, admins gain motivation and rise to new performance heights.

This program helps administrative professionals recognize and increase their value to the organization in measurable ways.


Administrative professionals often struggle to clearly articulate their professional victories and thus are frequently overlooked. All professionals, regardless of role, have a responsibility to promote themselves by thinking, speaking and acting from a place of self-worth.   

This program inspires administrative professionals to become ambassadors of the organization and vocal advocates for their own role in its success.


Administrative professionals are in a unique position to continuously expand their skillset by taking on new challenges and additional responsibilities. By engaging in ongoing growth activities, admins can become more autonomous, efficient and effective team players.

This program teaches administrative professionals to embrace a mindset of disciplined, continuous learning by training for their job like an athlete trains for the Olympics. 


Through positive, consistent action, admins have the power to shape their own professional future and the entire dynamic within an organization.

This program encourages administrative professionals to demonstrate responsible, intelligent execution of the ELEVATE principles and offers specific action steps for successfully doing so.

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Bestselling Book

Elevate Admins


How to Raise the Bar & Achieve Excellence in Your Administrative Career

The Administrative Field is Evolving…Are You?

Within just the past few decades, the admin field has experienced dramatic changes. The tools of the trade, along with the fundamentals of the job, have been transformed.

We are currently in the midst of the next admin evolution and, inevitably, only the fittest will survive. If you don’t want to get left behind, you must continuously ELEVATE.

This book offers the tools you need to not only meet the ever-expanding demands of the admin role, but to establish yourself as a peak performer in this increasingly competitive field.

ELEVATE Admins contains…

  • A thorough analysis of the admin field—where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going
  • Straightforward advice to help you take ownership of your administrative career and embrace the mindset required for success now and in the future
  • Practical strategies to up-level your personal performance, enhance your professional competence, and inspire others in the process
  • Relatable, true stories that demonstrate the power of the “elevated” admin

There has never been a better time to be an Administrative Professional. Seize the opportunity and ELEVATE!

Elevate Admins

Grab Your Copy of the Amazon Bestseller Now


Training Program


ELEVATE Admins is a comprehensive training and development program for support professionals, including administrative assistants and executive assistants. It is a perfect complement for all industries and markets, and a wide variety of administrative titles.

Unlike other training programs, ELEVATE Admins is 100% customized to meet the needs of your team and business. It’s also a totally interactive experience, which supports deeper learning and creates a fun, engaging atmosphere for all who participate.

Training involves a combination of presentation, video, discussion, individual reflection, group work and coaching. Participants are encouraged to share best practices, as well as express concerns and challenges, which are always handled in a respectful, solution-focused manner.

This program leverages the ELEVATE Admins Competency Model, which you can learn more about below.

This program can be delivered onsite (in person) or virtually.

The Competency Model

The ELEVATE Admins Competency Model is a comprehensive framework that defines the knowledge, behaviors and attitudes of high-performing administrative professionals.

The ELEVATE Admins training and development program strives to elevate the admin’s mastery of these skill groups.

This model is also explored in-depth in the ELEVATE Admins book.

Elevate Admins

The Levels of Learning

LEVEL 1: Reinforcing Your Foundation 

Administrative professionals learn how to elevate their performance, deliver more value, and create strategic partnerships with the person or people they support. Based on the proprietary Competency Model, this level explores the qualities, 5 Core Competencies, 6 Advanced Competencies, and 3 Key Integrated Behaviors. Participants build a variety of new skills to:

  • Perform higher level tasks and projects
  • Produce higher quality work
  • Enhance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Work independently
  • Resolve challenges quickly
  • Engage in more critical and creative thinking
  • And much more!

LEVEL 2: Exploring the Next Level

Prerequisite: Level 1 

Participants dive deeper into each of the core and advanced competencies and build on the lessons from Level 1 to create long-term behavioral and cognitive changes. Participants are encouraged to engage in deeper-level critical thinking, question assumptions and challenge existing habits in search of continuous improvement.

LEVEL 3: Expanding Organizational Value 

Prerequisite: Level 1 and 2 

Participants take the lessons from Level 1 and 2 and apply them directly to the organizational mission, values and culture. The focus is on becoming an administrative leader and organizational ambassadors. Participants engage in a variety of team building exercises to help them maintain group accountability and individual momentum even after the ELEVATE program has concluded.

The Benefits

The primary goal of the ELEVATE Admins program is to turn support professionals into strategic partners for their executives. This means they have a deeper understanding of the business, are contributing at a higher-level, and are achieving greater results for the organization.

To that end, program participants will build a variety of new skills to:

  • Perform higher-level tasks and projects
  • Produce higher quality work
  • Enhance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Engage in more extensive critical and creative thinking
  • Work independently
  • Resolve challenges quickly and effectively
  • Proactively prevent challenges in the future
  • Improve communication (inside the team and outside)
  • Improve collaboration and teamwork
  • Effectively manage stress and change
  • Maintain morale and positive attitude
  • Deliver powerful positive outcomes for the business

But the true results are much more extensive than this list. Perhaps more important than any of these things, your admins will feel valued, heard and supported. They will experience greater job satisfaction and professional investment. In turn, they will serve their executives and the organization in more meaningful way.

With the ELEVATE Admins program, your business and team will enjoy lower administrative turnover and your organization will be better positioned to attract high-quality support professionals. Your executives will experience increased productivity as their assistants become more self-sufficient and engaged. In short, you’ll optimize your entire business when you ELEVATE admins.

Why Admins?

Did you know…?

  • There are approximately 150 job titles that qualify as “administrative” in nature
  • The responsibilities of administrative professionals increase each year, while the number of people performing these duties decreases
  • Administrative professionals are expected to support an increasing number of executives, managers and other business leaders with limited resources

Administrative teams are shrinking, budgets are tighter than ever, and (as always) the pace of business is ever increasing.

Admins are constantly “doing more with less.” Most assistants already feel their plates are full. The goal of engaging in training and development is not to add more to their plates, but rather, to make their plates bigger.

Whether you realize it or not, your administrative team has a dramatic impact on every aspect of the organization, including:

  • Your clients: Administrative professionals are the outward face of your business. They are often the first and/or only contact your clients have with the company.
  • Your employees: Administrative professionals support your employees, interacting with a broad range of team members. Their presence and demeanor has a powerful effect on the overall environment.
  • Your business: Administrative professionals help ensure daily operations run smoothly. Their productivity impacts the entire team and thus, the business as a whole.

This impact can be positive or negative, productive or unproductive, profitable or costly. Leveraged properly, your administrative professionals can provide a distinct competitive advantage for both the company and the executive(s) they support.

It all depends on the investment you’re willing to make in their success.

What are you doing today to make sure this incredibly valuable business asset is performing at peak levels?

In today’s complicated business environment, it’s more critical than ever that organizations implement concrete strategies to elevate workplace performance and increase job satisfaction amongst administrative professionals. The ELEVATE Admins program helps develop, retain and attract high-quality administrative professionals. Ultimately, this investment improves productivity, profitability and long-term business sustainability.

Tap into the power of your administrative team with the ELEVATE Admins program.

Executive Training

Many executives do not know how to properly leverage and utilize their support staff. As a result, they are missing a tremendous opportunity to advance their own role within the organization.

Your investment in the ELEVATE Admins program also includes an optional 1-hour training session for your executives at no additional cost.

Help Me, Help You! Leveraging the Time and Talents of Your Support Staff

This training helps executives better understand the new “elevated” expectations that are being set for their assistants in the ELEVATE Admins program and how to best utilize the professionals in this role.

Key learning highlights:

  • Understand your assistant’s role in your success
  • Explore the benefits of strategic partnership
  • Learn specific best practices for leveraging your assistant’s talents and achieving the highest levels of productivity
  • Leverage strategies to support your assistant’s success
  • Define clear expectations for your assistant and create systems for daily operation


To find out if the ELEVATE Admins program is a match for your organization and to receive a custom quote with pricing, please complete the Speaker Request Form here.

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Admin Resources

If you have purchased the ELEVATE Admins book and would like to request additional resources, please send an email to and provide proof of purchase (a picture of your receipt or a copy of the Amazon order).

If you have not yet purchased the book and would like access to the resources, please get your copy here.

The following resources are available for purchasers of the book:


ELEVATE Admins Competency Model At-a-Glance Reference Table

This document captures all the components of the Competency model and provides a simple overview of each.


Business Case for Professional Development

This document can be used to provide justification for a proposed professional development activity.


Book Club Discussion Guide

This document offers a series of questions to support in-depth study and discussion of the ELEVATE Admins book.

Submit Your Resource Request

Please remember to include your proof of purchase. This can be a picture of your receipt or a copy of the Amazon order. Requests that do not include proof of purchase will not receive a response.  

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