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Career Success A to Z: W is for Willingness

by | May 9, 2017 | A to Z Series

Career Success A to Z: W is for Willingness

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This series has been a long labor of love…and we’re almost to the finish line!

Our topic this week is willingness, which the dictionary defines it as, “the quality or state of being prepared to do something.”

If you want to achieve career success, you have to be willing to do the work. It’s not something that’s just handed to most people. It requires action, effort and sacrifice. If you’re not willing to accept that and step up to the challenge, you might as well settle for some lesser goal.

Now, willingness is a tricky thing in my opinion. I often find that it’s fleeting. Sure, I’m willing to do certain things sometimes. But it’s easy to get lazy. My willingness can quickly turn into complacency—especially when I struggle to see immediate rewards from my efforts.

But willingness means you’re committed to doing what it takes to reach your goals, even when it’s not easy and it’s not convenient. Even when it’s a long, tedious haul. With willingness, all things are possible.

Staying willing is the hard part.

Every time I’ve seen a person fail, it’s been because somewhere along the line he or she has lost willingness. They’ve given up—not on the dream, but on themselves. Through their actions they’ve said, “I’m no longer willing to make this happen.”

I think we lose willingness when we start to believe things should be easier than they are or come faster than they do. Our willingness wanes when we fall victim to unrealistic expectations.

To maintain willingness, we have to look at career success as a long-term project—one that will require the best of us. We have to start every day with the belief that we are capable. We have to remember WHY we want this.

For most of us, willingness comes from more than the paycheck work provides. We are willing only when we aim for something higher, a goal worthy of our efforts.

That’s why I focus on career nourishment. If I approach each day with the belief that work can be an enriching part of life and a desire to make that happen, I remain willing to do the work.

Give it a try the next time you find yourself resisting what you know needs to be done.

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