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How to Work With (and For) Difficult People

Let’s be honest: The workplace is full of difficult people! Whether you find yourself working with difficult clients, bosses, or co-workers, this session will offer specific strategies to help you rise above the frustration and get things done, without losing your cool.

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Considering Working with a Resume Writer? Read This First

For many years, as a career coach, I offered resume writing services. And I don’t mind telling you that I was a darned fine resume writer. But I no longer offer these services—and I want to take a few minutes to explain why and to help those of you who might be considering working with a resume writer in the future.

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Exploring Time Management Tools & Tech

This webinar will save you time, energy, and stress! You’ll discover simple ways to leverage the tools and tech at your disposal, and how to evaluate new options quickly. With the information you learn here, you be able to take advantage of latest and greatest time management tools and tech (without letting it overwhelm you!).

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How to be a Leader When You Have Less Experience

A participant in a recent Q&A session asked: “What are some strategies to be an effective leader when there are colleagues in your team who are more experienced and also have been at the company longer than you?” Watch this video to see Chrissy’s answer.

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Time Management Self-Assessment: Rate Your Skills!

I am passionate about all things related to time management. Recently, I wanted to assess my own skills in this area, so I did a personal inventory. I thought I’d recreate that for you as a self-assessment tool, so you can take stock of your skills in this area as well.

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