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Time Management Self-Assessment: Rate Your Skills!

I am passionate about all things related to time management. Recently, I wanted to assess my own skills in this area, so I did a personal inventory. I thought I’d recreate that for you as a self-assessment tool, so you can take stock of your skills in this area as well.

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The Ownership Mindset: An Essential Ingredient for Career Success

Your career is yours, no matter what, regardless of what your boss does or doesn’t do. You are the one in control. For better or worse, your career goes with you everywhere. Of course, as any superhero fan knows, with great power comes great responsibility. To truly leverage the benefits of such a concept, you must first embrace an ownership mindset.

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ELEVATE Admins is a Best Seller (Thanks to YOU!)

My newest book was released earlier this month and I’m thrilled to report that it quickly hit the #1 spot for its category on Amazon! This is all because of YOU, the amazing Eat Your Career community. I can’t thank you enough for the support you have shown me, not only with this new book but throughout the past decade. I appreciate you more than you know.

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The Next Admin Evolution Is Here

To stay relevant in this field, administrative professionals will need to embrace an entirely new attitude and an advanced set of skills. This webinar explores the emerging elevated standard for the admin field, and offers strategies to help you thrive in this exciting new frontier.

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Why Planning is Beneficial (Even in Unpredictable Times)

I love planning. When I have a plan in front of me, I feel more in control of my destiny. I’m less stressed, more empowered.
Here’s the most interesting part: A plan helps me feel these positive things, even when I can’t follow the plan perfectly.
Over the past year, I’ve really had to come to terms with this. After all, the pandemic has made life unpredictable for most of us. But I haven’t stopped planning. In fact, I’ve become even more diligent about it!

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The 3 Essential Functions of Time Management

Whether you think “time management” is the appropriate terminology or not, it’s the best way we (as humans) can articulate our goal of using this precious limited resource wisely. But, if we want to get technical, we could go a little deeper and say that time management has 3 essential functions, and each plays a critical role in helping us achieve our goal.

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