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What is a Learning Lab?

A Learning Lab is a full-day live, interactive, online workshop where you learn and work at the same time! Hosted by career coach and corporate trainer, Chrissy Scivicque, Learning Labs are an experience unlike any other.

Each Learning Lab Includes...

In-Depth, High-Quality Training

Chrissy Scivicque is known for providing the most content-rich professional development programs around. This training goes beyond “surface level” and dives deep into the topic in an organized, informative, and engaging way.

Comprehensive Participant Workbook

As a participant, you will receive a detailed workbook which includes checklists, definitions, illustrations, resource lists, templates, step-by-step instructions and more.

Learning Lab activity materials may be delivered in a variety of formats (Word Doc, PDF, etc.) so participants can use their preferred tools when working

Structured Independent Activity

As a participant, you will have dedicated time to implement the learning immediately using your own work.

Privacy is important! By default, participants work will not be visible to anyone else. When asking questions, participants will have the option to share their work—but it is never required.

Personalized Coaching & Feedback

As a participant, you will receive direct guidance from Chrissy as you work. You can ask questions one-on-one or open a discussion and request feedback from your fellow participants.  

Group Networking, Connection & Discussion

The small group and interactive format is ideal for creating new relationships with like-minded professionals. Participants will have several opportunities to get to know one other. These activities are brief but powerful!

Certificate of Attendance 

Upon successful completion of the workshop, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance. This may be used to earn continuing education units for your professional certifications. 

What You Need to Know

1. All Learning Labs have a robust agenda.

We will be moving fast, and we ask that participants are able to commit to being fully present for the entire program. We will have scheduled breaks throughout the day. A complete timed agenda will be provided to all participants so you can manage your day and other obligations.

2. Pre-work is required.

Before attending a Learning Lab, participants will be assigned “pre-work”. This helps ensure that we can use our time together wisely. Pre-work generally requires 1 to 2 hours of time to complete.

3. We use the Zoom platform. We also understand how to handle privacy settings to ensure it is safe for all users.

Learning Labs take place via a private (password protected) Zoom meeting space. Participants will have the option to turn on their cameras and microphones at various points in the program. This is always an option; never a requirement. If you prefer to remain anonymous and participate as a silent observer, that is perfectly acceptable. Chrissy may request that microphones and cameras be turned off at various points during the program to help participants focus. If any participant does not follow instructions, Chrissy will do it for you. If any participant disrupts the group, they will be removed if necessary (without refund).

The Unique Learning Lab Benefit

Learning Labs allow you to get training AND get your own work done at the same time! The implementation activities are all designed to be applied to your real work. If you would prefer to use sample materials, you can. But the goal is to make this the best possible use of your work time. Regularly scheduled breaks also make it possible for you to attend to other work obligations as needed during the program.

The General Learning Lab Schedule

*If you need help converting times to your time zone, visit the world clock here.

2021 Learning Lab General Schedule

2021 Learning Labs

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Upcoming Dates:
* Friday, January 29, 2021
* Friday, April 30, 2021
* Saturday, July 31, 2021
* Friday, October 8, 2021


While you may not be an “official” Project Manager by title, most modern professionals assume these responsibilities on an ad-hoc basis. Unfortunately, projects can easily go awry and those who lack experience and/or training can quickly become overwhelmed, resulting in costly setbacks and potentially damaging career consequences.

This session will help those who are not professional Project Managers to effectively oversee the various steps involved in projects from simple to complex; manage the people, tasks and timelines involved; and ensure exceptional results that meet the defined specifications.

In this Learning Lab, participants will learn:

* The step-by-step process for organizing and guiding a project from concept to completion

* The top reasons for project failure and how to prevent them

* Strategies to handle the inevitable unexpected surprises and mitigate their impact

* How to minimize risk and set yourself up for success from the beginning

As a participant, you will be working on a project of your choice during the structured activities. You will also have access to a sample project if you’d prefer to work on that.

Upcoming Dates: 
* Friday, March 5, 2021
* Friday, August 27, 2021


In the modern workplace, there’s always “too much to do and not enough time.” If you want to achieve professional success, you must learn how to manage it all without causing undue stress on yourself or others. Unfortunately, effective time management is more complicated than most people realize. It requires a special set of tools and skills that must be adapted to meet the individual’s needs. This session will explore 7 essential topics related to task and time management, and will provide guidance for creating your own personalized systems.

In this Learning Lab, participants will learn:

* How to assess your own time management capabilities and identify areas for improvement

* How to use efficiency audits to identify micro and macro trends—plus, how to use that information to define reasonable expectations and optimize productivity

* Strategies to effectively capture and clarify tasks and prioritize competing demands

* Tools for tracking routine tasks and follow-up activities to ensure nothing falls through the cracks

As a participant, you will be working on managing your own task list during the structured activities.

Upcoming Dates: 

* Friday, April 2, 2021


Career planning is a daunting task. That’s why many people put it off or rely on others to do it for them. But in today’s modern workplace, career planning the responsibility of the individual—not the organization. Some people have a vague idea of where they’re going, but they often have no clue what it takes to get there. Consequently, they end up feeling uninspired and uncertain about their professional future.

In this program, you’ll learn a simple, step-by-step process for creating and executing your own Professional Development Plan—a powerful roadmap that will help you define, prioritize and achieve your career goals. Once you put together your plan, you’ll use it to stay motivated and on-track throughout the course of your career.

In this Learning Lab, participants will learn:

* How to take a holistic perspective in the career planning process (and why it’s essential)

* How to conduct a personal SWOT Analysis to build self-awareness

* Tools for defining and refining your life and career goals

* Strategies to help you define specific activities that will take your career to the next level

* How to use your plan to track progress, demonstrate growth and proactively manage your career

* How to become an empowered advocate for your own career interests

As a participant, you will be working on creating your own personalized career plan during the structured activities.

Upcoming Dates: 

* Saturday, June 26, 2021


Career transitions come in all shapes and sizes. For example, maybe you’re interested in finding a new job within your same organization. Or maybe you want the same job but at a brand new organization. Or perhaps you’re looking for something totally different—new company, new career, the works!

Whatever kind of career transition you’re considering (whether big or small, internal or external), you need to be prepared. This session will cover everything you need to know before starting, including documentation and strategy, and will answer ALL of your burning questions. When we’re done, you’ll be ready to launch the next phase of your career.

In this Learning Lab, participants will learn:

* How to create a compelling, targeted and attention-grabbing resume and cover letter

* How to develop a search plan that keeps you on track

* Job search strategies that give you access to lots of great opportunities (internally and externally)

* Strategies to feel comfortable and confident in your interview—and land the job!

* How to set yourself up for success in the first few months of your new role

As a participant, you will be working on your own job search documents and plan during the structured activities. 

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid conflicts of interest, this session is happening on a Saturday. If you’re still employed, you should never engage in job search activities while on the job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All labs are recorded. If you’re a ticket-holder, you will receive access to the video replays. But it’s much better to attend live!

Tickets are non-refundable. However, all labs are recorded. If you’re a ticket-holder, you will receive access to the video replays.

Space is limited to 50 people. However, we try to keep it to 40 or fewer if possible. If a certain lab sells out, we will consider adding an additional date for that topic in the future.  

The Learning Lab sessions take place via Zoom. You do not need to pay anything to use Zoom as a participant. Zoom works best with the Chrome browser and high-speed Internet.

When you purchase a ticket to the Learning Lab, it is good for one person only. Your ticket is not transferrable. If others would like to attend, they must purchase their own ticket. There is no group discount offered for Learning Labs. If you would like Chrissy to conduct a Learning Lab exclusively for your group, please contact us via email to discuss options:

Still have questions? No problem! Please email for assistance. 

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Project Management

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Project Management Learning Lab
Friday, January 29, 2021

Early bird pricing available until January 22, 2021 or until sold out

Project Management Learning Lab
Friday, April 30, 2021

Early bird pricing available until April 23, 2021 or until sold out

Project Management Learning Lab
Saturday, July 31, 2021

Early bird pricing available until July 23, 2021 or until sold out

Project Management Management Learning Lab
Friday, October 8, 2021

Early bird pricing available until  October 1, 2021 or until sold out

Task & Time Management

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Task & Time Management Learning Lab
Friday, March 5

Early bird pricing available until February 26, 2021 or until sold out

Task & Time Management Learning Lab
Friday, August 27, 2021

Early bird pricing available until August 20, 2021 or until sold out

Career Planning

Career Planning Learning Lab
Friday, April 2, 2021

Early bird pricing available until March 26, 2021 or until sold out

Career Transition

Career Transition Learning Lab
Saturday, June 26, 2021

Early bird pricing available until  June 18, 2021 or until sold out

Due to the interactive and small group nature of the labs, space is limited. Therefore, tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Meet Your Trainer

Chrissy Scivicque is a Certified Professional Career Manager (PCM) and experienced corporate trainer. 

Since 2009, Chrissy has developed and delivered training for professional teams inside some of the world’s most respected organizations, including: Accenture, Northrop Grumman, Capital One, Microsoft, GoDaddy, TIAA-CREF, W.W. Grainger and more. Her training style is interactive, informative and inspiring. 

Praise for the Learning Labs

“Chrissy is a phenomenal teacher and an amazing role model for both up and coming, and seasoned professionals. The Learning Lab exceeded my hopes on all fronts. I was blown away with the quality and comprehensiveness of the resource manual that was provided. Being able to work on specific real world issues throughout the lab made it all the more valuable. Chrissy is the consummate professional.

Her programs are reasonably priced, accessible, and totally worth the investment.”

Jenavive H., Participant in the Task & Time Management Learning Lab 2020

“I have already taken a graduate level course in PM and this material was right on target but organized in a way that someone with no PM experience or previous learning could absorb and later apply to their work, using the comprehensive workbook as a reference.

Well worth the time and investment.

CWC, Participant in the Project Management Learning Lab 2020

“Chrissy’s instructional delivery was tailored to connect with various learning styles. She made the content very easy to understand throughout the lab.

What a great learning experience!

Cara Brown, Participant in the Project Management Learning Lab 2020

Praise for Chrissy's Training

“Chrissy recently took our EA crew through a day of Managing Up training. It was hands down one of the best training days EVER and the team immediately started putting their learnings to work. Chrissy did an amazing job delivering the concepts at an easy-to-follow, easy-to-follow “up” level, and we are forever in her debt!”

Sr. Director, GoDaddy

“Chrissy has a wonderful, warm, and highly respectful way of helping people with what they need most. She gets right away what the issue is and knows just how to provide assistance to help you help yourself. She has provided me with great tools that I’m actively using, and getting return on. You won’t regret using her services!”

C. Downing, Sr. Administrator, Northrop Grumman

“Chrissy has a unique ability to inspire, engage and motivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds. She provides quality information and fresh ideas in an entertaining, fast-paced format. I never hesitate to attend a presentation offered by Chrissy because I know the time will be well-spent, and the audience will walk away better informed. I am happy to recommend her to anyone looking for a professional, well-rounded speaker.”

VP Marketing & Public Relations, ILD Communications