The Manifesto

What Does “Eat Your Career” Mean?

The idea for Eat Your Career came about when our founder, Chrissy Scivicque, a certified nutritionist and certified career coach, suddenly realized that career advice and nutrition advice aren’t all that different. Depending on your habits and choices, you can create a nourishing, satisfying experience or you can find yourself hungry and unfulfilled. This idea was first explored in these two articles: The Fast Food Career and The Slow Cooked Career.

Members of the Eat Your Career community share a few core beliefs that shape our understanding of the role Career plays in Life:

1. Work can be an enriching, nourishing life experience (not just a paycheck).

2. You don’t ever have to “settle” for work that harms your mental, physical, emotional or spiritual health.

3. Being vocal about your value at work isn’t the same thing as bragging; it’s possible to be confident and humble at the same time.

4. Your career is an important part of your identity, but not ALL of it.

5. Career transitions—whether big or small—are as emotional as they are tactical. To succeed, you must honor both sides.

6. Great careers don’t just happen. You have to be willing to do the work.

7. Regardless of economic conditions, there are always opportunities waiting to be created.

8. Career fulfillment is not a myth, but perfection is.

9. You always have the power to change your career circumstances, and in doing so you can change your entire life.

10. There’s no time like the present to begin. Whatever you want, it’s out there, waiting for you to take action.

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