Get That Promotion! Strategies for Career Advancement

by | Sep 7, 2021 | Career Advancement, Webinar Announcement

Date: Wednesday, September 29

Time: 11:00 AM Pacific / 12:00 PM Mountain / 1:00 PM Central / 2:00 PM Eastern

So you want to advance your career? Better get in line…you’re not the only one! Of course, if you’d rather jump to the front of the line, there are certain things you can do to position yourself as the perfect person for that promotion. Earning your next big career move requires more than just wanting it. You have to build the reputation, relationships and results to prove you’re worthy. This webinar will show you how!

In this session, you will learn…

  • How (and when) to communicate your career aspirations to your leader(s)—and why it’s essential
  • How to stand out from your peers in a positive way
  • Strategies to help you build a strong track record of past performance and demonstrate a clear potential for future success
  • How to define, develop and display the skills required for your next step—and what to do if you’re missing a key qualification

Register for this webinar here.

NOTE: Registration for the live event is open and free for anyone. However, to access the replay of the event, you need to be a member of the Career Success Library.  SIGN UP HERE.

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