Join us for this month’s free webinar on the topic of How to Be a Tech Savvy Professional.

When asked to cite their biggest workplace frustration, many professionals say, “Keeping up with technology!” Nearly all fields are facing a rapidly, continually changing technical landscape. Whether learning a new or updated software system, adjusting to upgraded hardware, or simply trying to better utilize the technology you already know, most people agree it’s a serious challenge.

Fortunately, there are a variety of techniques anyone can use to more efficiently adapt to technology in the workplace—no matter what your current skill level. This session will explore best practices in a general sense (we won’t focus on any particular software). You’ll learn how to overcome the fear, confusion and frustration of technology and embrace the exciting possibilities.

As a participant, you will learn…

  • The specific skills you need to position yourself as a “tech-savvy” professional
  • Simple tricks to help you expand your technical expertise and quickly adapt to changing technology
  • How to identify and utilize new tech resources to help you proactively find answers to your questions
  • Tips to prepare for upcoming technical changes so the transition is smooth

Sorry, this webinar has already taken place.

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