Join us for this month’s free webinar on the topic of How to Speak the Language of Project Management

Project management is an entire field of study in and of itself. But many people, in many roles, manage projects in an “unofficial” capacity. Even if you have no formal project management training, you still want to be taken seriously in your PM duties. To make that happen, you need to speak the language of project management. That means you’re able to use the correct terminology and you’re able to understand those who reference critical PM processes and concepts.

As a participant, you will learn…

  • Definitions for the most frequently used project management terminology
  • The most common project management methodologies and the key differentiators between them
  • The various types of project documentation you may be asked to create, update or manage
  • What to do if/when you’re confused by the PM discussions in which you’re involved

Sorry, this webinar has already taken place.

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