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How New Hires Can Make a Great First Impression

Congratulations! You got hired! Now the hard part starts. The first 30 days on the job is a critical time for creating your professional reputation. Like it or not, first impressions are often lasting impressions. But most of us are so focused on learning the ropes, we forget to consider how...

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How to Make Smart Career Decisions

Considering a new job? A new career? Wondering if you should take that promotion or explore opportunities at other companies? Whatever career decision you're facing, you certainly want to be smart about it. That's where I come in! In my most recent interview on Fox 31 Denver's Good Day Colorado, I...

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How to Stay Competitive in the Workplace

So, you want to get ahead at work? Join the club! In today's competitive workplace, you can't afford to get lazy. No matter how "secure" you feel right now, there's no such thing as certainty. Prepare yourself for career growth regardless of what the future holds by keeping your competitive edge....

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How to Deal When Someone Steals Your Work

You've worked hard to accomplish something...You've dedicated the time, the energy, the blood, sweat and tears...and then a colleague comes along and takes all the credit. What do you do? It happens all the time, and yet, too many hardworking professionals simply sweep it under the rug. It's...

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Navigating Confidentiality in the Workplace

With all the talk of whistle blowers and leaks in the news lately, this topic couldn't be more relevant. You don't have to be in the NSA or CIA for confidentiality issues to hit you in the workplace. Almost everyone, regardless of role or rank, has access to private information at work in some...

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How to Handle Personal Crisis at Work

No matter how hard you try, there will inevitably be a time when stress in your personal life distracts you from matters of work. Whether you’re dealing with a sick child or a dying pet or a personal medical scare, you can’t always just walk away from work while you deal with your emotions. You...

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Tips for Handling Complainers at Work

We've all worked with that person who's never happy, right? It can be a challenge to deal with these people while keeping your own mindset positive. Chronic complainers in the workplace can drag everyone down, and if you're not careful, they can cause serious problems for your career. In my recent...

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How to Handle a Workplace Bully

The workplace, sadly, can feel a lot like high school at times. And if you think bullies only exist in the school yard, you're sorely mistaken. The workplace bully has gotten a lot of press recently. In my most recent interview on Fox 31 Denver's Good Day Colorado, I address this topic and provide...

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Cover Letters: Why Bother?

A lot of people think cover letters are relics of the past. But truth be told, they're still a crucial part of the job search process. Of course, that doesn't mean you should just throw one together and check the box. You want to use the cover letter as an opportunity to differentiate yourself...

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How to Leave Work at Work

It's easy to take work home with you...heck, with today's technology, it basically follows you everywhere you go! In my most recent segment on Fox 31 Denver's Good Day Colorado, I tackle this problem head on and provide simple strategies for disconnecting from work so you can focus all your mental...

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