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Every Career Move is a Leap of Faith

by | Feb 19, 2024 | Career Change

Recently, a dear friend of mine was sharing her desire to get a new job. But she was hesitant to leave her current position because (in her words): “What if the new one isn’t any better?”

This is a common concern, and for good reason! The grass always appears greener when you’re looking at it from afar. Once you get to that promised land, however, it often isn’t what you thought it would be.

Whether you’re exploring a move to another company or considering a new role at your current organization, it’s always a risk. Whether you love where you are right now or despise it or anything in between, there’s just no telling what the next opportunity will bring. You can do your due diligence, conduct research, and ask all the right questions. And yet, you still never truly know what you’re getting into until you’re there.

This is one of the many reasons career decisions are so daunting! There is always an element of mystery. This is also why many people stay in positions they deeply dislike for longer than they should. The pain of the current situation needs to outweigh the fear of the unknown—and a lot of people would rather deal with the devil they know than risk the one they don’t.

Ultimately, in any career move, you have to accept the uncertainty and make your move anyway.

So, I’ll share with you the same words of advice I gave my friend: In the end, every career move is a leap of faith…in yourself. You have to know that, no matter what happens, you will be okay. Maybe the job won’t be perfect. You’re smart enough to figure it out and certainly there will be lessons to be learned. But maybe the job will be perfect (in a realistic way, of course). That’s just as possible.

Have faith in your own capabilities and nothing can go wrong.

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