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Why Sharing Credit at Work Is Good For Your Career

by | Mar 23, 2015 | General Career Advice

Why Sharing Credit at Work Is Good For Your Career

I talk a lot about how to advocate for yourself, be loud and proud of all you do, and take credit for your work even when others are trying to steal the spotlight.

But today, I want to turn that around and talk about the other side of the coin: sharing credit with others.

It’s an overlooked, but equally important part of your career success.

A true professional knows that, whenever you experience a great achievement at work, you should be vocal about it! Tell your superiors exactly what you did and how you accomplished it. But, when others are involved, be sure to share credit where it’s rightfully due.

All too often, we get caught up in self-promotion at work—a great tool for building a strong professional reputation—but it’s not a “zero sum” game: For me to “win” doesn’t mean anyone else has to “lose.” In fact, when I help others enjoy a win, I also help myself. Here’s how it works.

You Show You’re a Team Player

Talking up the value and contributions of your teammates shows that you recognize the power of collaboration—and you’re good at it! Speak about what “we” accomplished (not what “I” accomplished) and you’ll become known as a smart person to partner with. Be a shining example of teamwork and people will seek you out.

You Prove Your Confidence

Talking about the great work of others shows you’re not insecure. You have confidence in your own role and the value of your own contributions, so you’re not afraid of letting someone else have their moment of glory too.

You Demonstrate Leadership

Acknowledging others is a key trait of great managers. When you do so, regardless of your title or position, it shows you have leadership abilities. You gain a reputation as more than just a hard worker; you become seen as someone capable of bringing out the great work in others.

Your Teammates Will Remember

People love to be acknowledged and it just doesn’t happen enough these days. Whether it comes from the CEO or a peer in the next cubicle over, it makes you feel seen and appreciated. People don’t forget that. Plus, it can have a real impact on how their colleagues see them and treat them. While it’s our responsibility to self-promote, it’s awfully nice when others provide some supportive reinforcement.

Above all else, it just feels good to recognize the people around you. It feels honest because it IS honest. Very few victories we experience at work happen without assistance from others. It takes a little extra effort to give an authentic shout-out to your well-deserving teammates, but it’s worth it—for you and for them.

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Chrissy Scivicque is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and certified Professional Career Manager (PCM). She is an author, in-demand presenter and international speaker known for engaging, entertaining, educating and empowering audiences of all sizes and backgrounds. Learn more here.

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