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51 Ways to Break a Limiting Belief

by | Jul 7, 2010 | General Career Advice

Previously, I wrote about the dangers of limiting beliefs, how they can prevent us from achieving the personal and professional success we deserve, and even shared a few of my own. To help all of us get in the mode of thinking about breaking these kinds of beliefs, I wanted to share some quick hit ideas on how to go about doing it. In fact, I actually came up with 51. Some are concrete tactics while others are more inspirational. Check it out and add your own in the comments.

1.    Acknowledge It
Identify the limiting belief. Greet it. Let it know that you’re aware it exists.

2.    Expose It
Don’t hide from it. Bring it out into the open.

3.    Advertise It
Share this limiting belief with others. They’ll tell you how ridiculous you’re being when you can’t see it yourself.

4.    Challenge It
Ask “What evidence do I have that supports this belief?”

5.    Risk It
What if this liming belief was actually true? So what?! Throw caution to the wind and you’ll discover that “failure” isn’t so bad.

6.    Remember Others Like It
What limiting beliefs have you overcome in the past?

7.    Examine It
When did it start? Where did it come from?

8.    Pay Attention To It
What is it preventing you from accomplishing?

9.    Take It To Its Logical Conclusion
If you don’t get rid of this belief, what will happen?

10.    Get Mad At It
This limiting belief is a jerk. Don’t make friends with him. Show him who’s boss.

11.    Laugh At It
Seriously? This limiting belief is hilarious! I can’t even keep a straight face when I think about it…

12.    Take a Break From It
Put it on hold. Pretend it doesn’t exist for a while. What’s different?

13.    Exaggerate It
Turn up the volume on it. How ridiculous does it look when it’s 20 feet tall?

14.    Reverse It
What would happen if the exact opposite was true?

15.    Repeat It
Ever repeat the same word or phrase so many times it stops making any sense? Do that.

16.    Prioritize It
Make it an important priority to get over this limiting belief. Stop putting it off.

17.    Lean Into It
Sometimes pulling away from it only makes it stronger. When you stop resisting, it goes away.

18.    Replace It
What UN-Limiting Belief can you put in its place?

19.    Starve It
What actions and thoughts feed this limiting belief? Get rid of those and watch it die.

20.    Make It Hurt
Try the old stand-by rubber band snap on the wrist every time you find yourself falling back on it.

21.    Listen To It
What is this belief really telling you?

22.    Respect It
Limiting beliefs shouldn’t be ignored or belittled. Underestimate it at your own peril.

23.    Doubt It
Just because it feels real, doesn’t mean it IS real.

24.    Invest In It
Put your time, money, and energy into overcoming it.

25.    Imagine Life Without It
What would you be capable of?

26.    Separate It
Maybe this belief is attached to someone in your life and you’re just absorbing it. Is someone else feeding it to you?

27.    Disassociate It
Is there an action, situation or feeling that triggers this belief to pop up? Learn how to have one without the other.

28.    Track It
Are there times when it doesn’t show up? What’s that all about?

29.    Tilt It
Look at it differently. A new perspective may change it completely.

30.    Sacrifice It
Yes, you may feel like it’s a part of you that you can’t imagine living without. Let it go. Sacrifice it to the Gods.

31.    Reason With It
Logically. Truthfully.

32.    Look for Twins
Is one limiting belief showing up in multiple ways?

33.    Forgive Yourself
Don’t hold it against yourself that you’ve been harboring this limiting belief. You’re human.

34.    Interrupt It
When you notice a limiting belief rearing its ugly head, stop yourself mid-thought and…

35.    Breathe Into It
Inhale, exhale.

36.    Confront It
Look it in the eye.

37.    Verbalize It
Say it out loud. How silly does it sound?

38.    Write About It
Put it on paper. How different does it look?

39.    Simplify It
At its fundamental core, what is this limiting belief about?

40.    Engage With It
Start a conversation. Get to know it.

41.    Connect It
How is this limiting belief connected to your mental attitude?

42.    Align Forces Against It
Prepare all of your faculties for battle.

43.    Reword It
If you phrase it in a different way, does it offer a different meaning?

44.    Compartmentalize It
Isolate it to one corner of your mind. Don’t let it infect other thoughts.

45.    Normalize It
You’re not unique for having these beliefs. Everyone has them. It’s okay.

46.    Reframe It
It might feel like truth. But it’s not. It’s a perception. Reframe it as such.

47.    Take Responsibility For It
This limiting belief belongs to you. It’s yours to keep or discard. Make the choice.

48.    Disconnect From It
This belief is not a part of who you are. It is not your identity. Losing it will only let your true identity shine more.

49.    Tune It Out
Stop listening! Turn a deaf ear on it. Hit the “mute” button.

50.    Abandon It
Leave it in a basket at the edge of the woods. A pack of wolves might adopt it and raise it to be one of their own.

51.    Take Action On It
Nothing will change without your active participation. What are you doing TODAY to overcome this limiting belief?

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