Modern Business Etiquette


Stop worrying about embarrassing yourself or unintetionally offending others. 

Discover the insider secrets to help you feel confident in your professional interactions with anyone in any situation.

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The Modern “Rules” of the Workplace are Evolving…

Don’t get left behind! 

Etiquette is the foundation for creating strong, authentic relationships in the business world. Yet many professionals are behind the times. 


Without a strong sense of modern business etiquette, you may…

  • Look inexperienced, disrespectful, or old-fashioned
  • Be confused by social “norms” in the workplace or other business events
  • End up embarrassed or accidentally offending others

Etiquette missteps make career growth much harder! 

If you’re not confident in your interactions, people will lack confidence in you.


So, how do you build strong relationships where you feel confident and the people around you feel respected?

Learn the unspoken rules of modern business etiquette. 

Look, etiquette is complicated.

You can’t be expected to just know this stuff.

That’s where I come in!

And I’m making it easy for you.


Hi, I’m Chrissy Scivicque 

As a Certified Career Coach, I want to teach you the insider etiquette secrets that really work, so you can…

  • Stop worrying about embarrassing, awkward moments
  • Stop questioning your interactions with fellow professionals
  • Start elevating your professional reputation

The Modern Business Etiquette E-Guide

Feel confident about your professional interactions with anyone in any situation

With the Modern Business Etiquette E-Guide, you will…


Understand the Purpose

Learn why etiquette matters in business (it’s not just an antiquated formality!)


Learn Modern Standards

Discover the specific rules every professional needs to know in the modern workplace.


Build Strong Relationships

Use etiquette to create powerful connections based on trust, respect, and ease of interaction.


Prevent Missteps

Approach all of your interactions at work with a focus on respect and professionalism.


Recover from Mistakes

Get real world advice to help you if things go awry and repair the damage to your reputation and relationships.


What’s Included in the Modern Business Etiquette E-Guide?

Learn the basic elements of etiquette in 5 key business areas: 

People Etiquette

This section includes tips on working with international and cross-cultural teams, handling introductions, dealing with co-workers and gossip, networking, and more.

Technology Etiquette

This section includes tips for phone etiquette, speaker/conference calls, email, instant message (IM), social media, text messaging and more.


Communication Etiquette

This section incudes tips on handling private conversations in the workplace, managing your personal space, corporate jargon, and more.

Meeting Etiquette

This section includes tips for in-person meetings, meal meetings, virtual meetings, and overall meeting management best practices.

General Office Etiquette

This section includes tips for dress codes, cubicles and open workspaces, cleaning, holiday parties, celebrating and gift giving, and more.

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The Modern Business Etiquette E-Guide

Feel confident about your professional interactions with anyone in any situation


Etiquette still matters. 

Your relationships and reputation rely on it. 

You CAN feel confident in all your professional interactions regardless of who you’re dealing with—CEOs, foreign leaders, new contacts, and anyone else.

Modern Business Etiquette E-Guide

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