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Over the past decade, Chrissy Scivicque has developed one of the most extensive and comprehensive training catalogs in the field of professional development. Her work has been widely praised for its quality, originality and depth.

Full descriptions of courses will be provided to prospective clients upon request. To start a conversation, complete the Speaker Request form here.

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Career Development & Planning Topics
  • SOAR to Success: How to Articulate Your Value in the Workplace
  • Your Stock Is Rising! How Identify & Expand Your Value in the Workplace
  • Personal Branding for Professional Success: How to Define & Express Your Unique Value
  • Mapping Your Career: Create a Roadmap to Professional Success
  • Building Success Structures: How to Turn Career Goals into Reality
  • Don’t Just Dream It…Do It! How to Set Career Goals that Really Work
  • Raises, Reviews, & Requests, Oh My! How to Prepare for Important Career Conversations
Professional Passion & Self-Care Topics
  • Reignite Your Professional Passion: How to Fall in Love with Work…Again
  • You Matter! How to Fuel the Fire Without Burning Out
  • The Delicate Art of Balance: How to Win at Work (Without Losing Out on Life)
  • Mind Over Job: Winning the Inner Game of Career Success
  • Failing Forward: Turn Mistakes & Missteps into Momentum for Success
  • Conquer Your Career Fear: How to Feel It, Face It, and Free It
  • Work Less Frazzled: How to Beat Stress Before It Beats You
  • The Gift of Work: Finding Gratitude in the Daily Grind
  • Building Authentic Self-Confidence: How to Overcome Uncertainty & Find Faith in Yourself
Leadership & Management Topics
  • Managing Up: Best Practices for Leading & Enhancing the Performance of Superiors
  • Everyday Leadership in Action: How to be a Leader (Regardless of Title)
  • The More the Merrier! How to Successfully Manage Multiple Managers
  • The Power of Self-Presentation: How to Develop Executive Presence (Regardless of Your Role)
  • Preparing for What’s Next: How to Position Yourself for Management
  • Succession Planning: How to Prepare Your Organization for Your Next Move
Productivity Topics
  • Setting Limits & Managing Expectations at Work: How to Say “No” Without Ever Saying “No”
  • Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager: Managing Process, People, Resources & Tools
  • Project Management Bootcamp: Comparing Methodologies & Applying What Works Best
  • Building a Project Plan: How to Organize Tasks, Timelines & Resources
  • Time Analysis: Using Efficiency Audits to Boost Productivity
  • Process Improvement: How to Reduce Waste & Maximize Efficiency
  • The People Side of Project Management: How to Guide Your Team Without Direct Authority
  • Building Project Dashboards in MS Excel: How to Turn Data into Information
  • Budget Management: How to Estimate & Control Costs of Your Projects
  • Next-Level Project Management: Deepen Your Expertise & Overcome Obstacles
  • Building & Breaking Habits: How to Harness the Power of Positive Patterns
  • Time & the Mind: Shifting Your Time Management Mindset
  • Non-Traditional Time Management: Practical Tools for Getting It All Done
Communication & Relationship Topics
  • A Deeper Intelligence: Practicing Responsible Emotional Behavior at Work
  • Developing Powerful Partnerships with Managers: Strategies to Strengthen Your Workplace Relationships
  • Building a Stronger Team: How to Boost Performance through Collaboration
  • The Art of Constructive Conflict: How to Disagree in Positive, Productive Ways
  • Working with Humans: How to Leverage the Unique Talents of a Diverse Workforce
  • More than Manners: Harnessing the Power of Modern Business Etiquette
  • Speak Up! How to Find Your Authentic Voice at Work
  • Listening at All Levels: Expand Your Ability to Meet Spoken & Unspoken Needs
  • Mastering Meetings: Must-Follow Best Practices for Business Meetings
Other Workplace Skills Topics
  • Become a Change Champion: How to Be an Advocate for Positive & Productive Change
  • The Proactive Professional: How to Stop Playing Catch Up & Start Getting Ahead
  • Mastering Self-Management: Embrace Your Personal Power & Gain Self-Sufficiency at Work
  • Strategic Problem Solving: How to Develop Sound Judgement & Decision-Making Skills
  • The Attractive Attitude Advantage: An Authentic Approach to Positive Thinking
Admin-Specific Topics
  • The Proactive Partner: How to Anticipate Needs of the Person (or People) You Support
  • The Evolving Admin: Where Do We Go from Here?
  • Time Management for Admins: How to Work with the Unique Time Challenges Facing Support Professionals
  • Career Advancement for Administrative Professionals: Creating Opportunities for Growth
  • Proactive Partnership Design: A Proven Process for Enhancing Collaborative Relationships
  • The ELEVATE Admins Program (Certificate Program)
Custom Training

If you do not see a topic here that perfectly matches your needs, Chrissy is happy to create a custom program. Start a conversation by completing the Speaker Request Form here

All programs can be tailored to meet the unique learning and development needs of your group.

Pricing is reasonable and varies based on type of presentation, duration, size of audience, location and other factors. Please inquire to receive a comprehensive proposal including detailed course descriptions and pricing.


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