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Are Productivity Tools & Tech Wasting Your Time?

We have to invest our time, energy and attention into using tools and technology to support our time management. And ultimately, we want that to help us to be more productive. But if we’re not careful, we can actually experience diminishing or even negative returns on our investment.

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Exploring Time Management Tools & Tech

This webinar will save you time, energy, and stress! You’ll discover simple ways to leverage the tools and tech at your disposal, and how to evaluate new options quickly. With the information you learn here, you be able to take advantage of latest and greatest time management tools and tech (without letting it overwhelm you!).

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How to Be a Tech Savvy Professional

When asked to cite their biggest workplace frustration, many professionals say, “Keeping up with technology!” Nearly all fields are facing a rapidly, continually changing technical landscape. Whether learning a new or updated software system, adjusting to upgraded hardware, or simply trying to...

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Is Technology Hurting Your Job Search?

What you don't know could hurt you! Perfect example: Many job seekers have no idea that resumes submitted online are typically filtered through a software system before a human being ever sees them. That means if your resume isn't formatted correctly, it could be kicked out before any real person...

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