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My Sense of Urgency Is Killing Me (Slowly)

For those of you who haven’t met me in the real world, let me first explain some of my character assets and liabilities. I’m what every personality test on the planet would describe as “highly dominant” in a workplace setting. (In a personal setting, I’m quite different, but that’s a story for...

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Being Clumsy, Taking Risks, and Shifting Your Story

I’ve probably never mentioned this before (for obvious reasons)…but I’m a little accident-prone. I’m very good at breaking things, including the occasional body part. I’m awkward and clumsy and inelegant. If something can go wrong, it most likely will when I’m around…and I’ll probably be 100%...

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Career Lessons From My Dad

For Mother’s Day last month, I wrote a special blog post honoring the career wisdom handed down to me from my dear mom. It seems only fitting then that I do the same for my father this month, in recognition of Dad’s Day. While being very compatible (and happily married for over 30-something...

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Career Lessons From My Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share just a taste of the wisdom my mom has imparted on me over the years.  Of course, I could fill an entire book (or series of books) on life lessons from mom, but in an effort to stay on topic, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite tidbits for you here and...

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Career Lessons from ABBA

Those of you who don’t currently subscribe to my enewsletter might not know this, but I recently celebrated a birthday of undisclosed number. As part of the festivities, I attended an ABBA concert at perhaps one of the world’s most beautiful venues—Red Rocks Amphitheater here in the Denver area....

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Career Lessons I Learned from Katy Perry

Confession: I saw the Katy Perry movie. Bigger confession: I LOVED IT. I know this puts me somewhere in the realm of teenybopper, but I don’t care. In truth, Katy has a pretty powerful story and a very inspirational message. And yes, the costumes were fantastic, okay?! All around, it was a...

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Life In Progress

I wanted to take just a minute to update all of you about what’s been going on around here because I haven’t had a chance to write a new blog post in several weeks. You see…life has kind of…gotten in the way. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been in the process of relocating from Atlanta, GA...

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Would You Be Friends With YOU?

I’ve always had really high expectations for my friends. Sometimes, this leaves me disappointed. But the people with whom I develop real friendships are truly the most trustworthy, compassionate people in the world. The other day, during a coaching class, the instructor asked a question that gave...

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