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Your Job Search Success Checklist

Searching for a job in today’s market is tough. With modern day job search tools and strategies, job seekers have access to more opportunities than ever before…but they also have more competition. Job search trends are always evolving so, as a job seeker, you have to stay up-to-date. Otherwise, you’ll quickly fall behind and a hundred other job seekers will swoop in and grab those opportunities!

Here are the steps to take for a successful job search:

Update your resume and cover letter

Build a professional portfolio

Get involved in networking activities

Leverage LinkedIn

Prepare for job interviews

Learn modern job search strategies

Prepare to negotiate


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10 Common Job Search Mistakes to Avoid

Job search is a complicated, time consuming task! If you’re not careful, you can waste a ton of time and energy doing the wrong things in the wrong way. Opportunities come and go quickly. You could be missing out because you’re making a few simple mistakes.

  • Helps you identify time-wasting job search techniques and replace them with productive ones!
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