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Strategic Partnership Design (for Administrative Professionals)

Administrative professionals play a pivotal role in the modern workplace. Developing strategic partnerships with leaders is a critical way in which admins build influence and expand their value. However, many struggle to create powerful partnerships and, consequently, experience a host of challenges—misaligned expectations, frequent miscommunication, and lack of connection time to name a few. This greatly reduces the impact of both the admin and the leader and creates feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration on both sides.

Because the partnership between leader and assistant is a deeper, more complex business relationship than most, it requires a thoughtful, intentional approach. Usually, the admin is the one who needs to take ownership of this process. This program will empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to create the kind of partnership that unlocks the true potential of both you and your leader.

In this Learning Lab, you will…

  • Assess your current partnership, develop a vision for the future, and explore strategies to get from here to there
  • Discover a proven step-by-step framework for building and enhancing collaborative relationships between leaders and assistants
  • Explore structured communication techniques that help align expectations, prevent confusion and enhance productivity
  • Learn how to train leaders to better leverage support staff and provide what you need to be successful
  • Explore tools to build trust, manage conflict, and anticipate leaders’ needs

As a participant, you will be exploring the facets of your own partnership(s). Privacy is important, so you will never be asked to share anything, though you are always welcome to share as much as you’d like using your good judgement.

This event is a paid program. To learn more and sign up, visit this page.

Strategic Partnership Design (for Administrative Professionals)

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