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Problem Solving & Decision Making

Every day, you encounter problems in the workplace. Some are simple and straightforward; others are complex with many contributing factors to consider. In either case, you need to approach problem solving strategically. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating more problems.

Similarly, every day, you have many decisions to make. As you rise through the ranks of your career, your decision-making capabilities become more essential, as the consequences of a “bad” decision can have far-reaching impact. It is, therefore, critical to demonstrate sound judgement in all decisions, regardless of size or scope.

This program helps you expand your problem solving and decision-making skills, which dramatically increases your value in the workplace.

In this Learning Lab, you will…

  • Learn how to identify the root cause of problems, rather than simply cleaning up the mess
  • Discover a proven step-by-step methodology for solving ANY problem, no matter how big or small, and avoiding unintended consequences in the process
  • Implement tools to expand your critical and creative thinking skills and enhance your problem-solving prowess
  • Explore the key elements of a “good” decision—and how to incorporate them in your daily decision-making processes
  • Identify the most common psychological traps that can trick you into making a bad decision
  • Develop skills to recover and learn from a “bad” decision that backfires

As a participant, you will be working on solving a problem of your choice during the structured activities. You will also have access to a sample problem if you’d prefer to work on that.

This event is a paid program. To learn more and sign up, visit this page.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

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