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Expand Your Mind: Different Ways of Thinking & When to Use Them

In the increasingly complex professional world, the ability to shift between different modes of thinking is invaluable. From solving complicated problems to identifying innovative improvements, building mental agility can greatly enhance your effectiveness in the workplace.This webinar invites you to broaden your cognitive toolkit, equipping you with a variety of frameworks and mental models that you can apply to different challenges and opportunities.

In this session, you will learn…

  • 6 key types of thinking you can leverage to tap into the full spectrum of cognitive capabilities
  • How and when to STOP thinking and allow tap into your subconscious
  • Strategies to transform your thinking patterns, adapt to the unique needs of different situations, and become a more versatile and resourceful professional
  • How to leverage technology to expand your brain power even further

Anyone can attend this live webinar for FREE. If you’d like to access the replay, you must be a member of the Career Success Library.

Expand Your Mind: Different Ways of Thinking & When to Use Them

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