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Change Leadership

Nothing is constant—except for change. It’s an inevitable part of modern work life. Even under the best of circumstances, change is a disruptive force and, for many professionals, it’s a trigger for stress, fear and anxiety. If not carefully managed, it can destroy morale, decrease productivity, and wreak havoc on a team and an organization.

The field of Change Management is robust and covers a lot of territory: While it certainly involves managing your own response to change, it also includes helping support others as they navigate it. This program shows you how to embrace the spirit of change and become an informal change management leader in your organization.

In this Learning Lab, you will:

  • Discover strategies to manage your own mindset around change even when your natural instinct is to resist
  • Explore different models and theories regarding change management, human behavior, group dynamics and learning—and how these things apply to you
  • Learn how to determine where people are in the change cycle and provide the right support
  • Learn how to proactively prepare yourself and your team for change
  • Practice strategies to communicate change in the right way and avoid common mistakes
  • Identify tools to evaluate, measure, and monitor the impact of change initiatives

As a participant, you will be working on a change initiative of your choice during the structured activities. You will also have access to a sample change initiative if you’d prefer to work on that.

This event is a paid program. To learn more and sign up, visit this page.

Change Leadership

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