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Building Emotional Fitness at Work

Business is supposed to be logical, devoid of emotion. But humans are emotional creatures! It’s only natural that we may experience some level of emotion in the workplace. However, showing too much emotion (whether positive or negative) can get us into trouble. That doesn’t mean we have to act like robots and turn our emotions off entirely. We just need to learn how to recognize our emotions and prevent them from running the show.

In this session, we’ll explore techniques for expanding emotional maturity and advancing emotional development so you can experience the peace of true emotional fitness at work.

In this session, you will learn…

  • How emotions impact, influence and shape your experiences
  • How intuition plays a critical role in the workplace—and how to use it wisely
  • Why suppressing or ignoring emotions is counterproductive and dangerous
  • The specific factors to consider before responding to emotions at work
  • How to build emotional resilience and protect your emotional wellbeing

Anyone can attend this live webinar for FREE. If you’d like to access the replay, you must be a member of the Career Success Library.

Building Emotional Fitness at Work

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