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Advanced Project Management (for Non-Project Managers)

Project management is a rich and complex field with a wide variety of frameworks, philosophies and methodologies. Perhaps you’ve heard terms like Scrum, Waterfall, Sprint, Kanban, Lean, Kaizen, and Agile, and wondered what exactly they mean and how they apply to the projects you manage each day. Maybe you’ve explored different PM tools and strategies, but you’re just not sure how to incorporate them into your work as an “unofficial” PM.

If you have experience managing projects, have already done basic PM training, and you’re ready to take your learning to the next level—this workshop is for you! With this program, you’ll gain deeper insight into the dynamic world of project management and learn advanced strategies to take your project work to the next level.

In this Learning Lab, you will…

  • Gain a high-level overview of the principles and practices of the most popular PM methodologies and how to select which one is right for your project
  • Discover specific tools to coordinate efforts and enhance communication within virtual and hybrid project teams
  • Learn strategies to identify, monitor, manage and minimize risk throughout the project lifecycle
  • Implement strategies for stepping into the leadership role, even without direct authority, and managing the increasingly complex “people side” of projects
  • Learn how to get an off-track project back on-track

PRE-REQUISITE: This is an advanced workshop. You must have already attended the Project Management Learning Lab in 2020 or 2021. If you sign up for this lab and do not have this pre-requisite, your registration will be cancelled. If you would like to apply for an exception, please email

As a participant, you will be working on a project of your choice during the structured activities.

This event is a paid program. To learn more and sign up, visit this page.

Advanced Project Management (for Non-Project Managers)

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