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While the definition of career advancement can differ from person to person, it generally refers to the upward progression of your career. Some people associate this with more money or a higher job title. For others, career advancement means growing their skills and gaining new responsibilities. Whatever your personal definition, career advancement requires clear intention and purposeful action.

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How to Master the Necessary Skill of Professional Detachment

As a career coach, I believe everyone should love their work. After all, the average person spends about one-third of their lifetime on the job. It’s not only much more enjoyable when you’re doing something you care about; it’s also a lot easier to accept that time...

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Your Best Investment is Always YOU

In the early part of my career, I worked in the financial services industry. We talked a lot about investments. One of the fundamental principles with regard to investing is that you always want to consider the “return.” That means, what do you expect get back? You...

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Looking for a Promotion? 3 Ways Managers Evaluate You

This video is an excerpt from a live training session with Chrissy Scivicque, Career Coach & Corporate Trainer. The full video (“Get that Promotion! Strategies for Career Advancement”) is available in the Career Success Library. The article below summarizes the...

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How to Avoid Being Pigeonholed at Work

If you’ve been attempting to advance your career for a while without success, you may be a victim of “pigeonholing.” Put simply, being pigeonholed at work means that people have developed such a strong image of you in your current position, they can’t even imagine you...

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Get That Promotion! Strategies for Career Advancement

So you want to advance your career? Better get in line…you’re not the only one! Of course, if you’d rather jump to the front of the line, there are certain things you can do to position yourself as the perfect person for that promotion. Earning your next big career...

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5 Tips for Working Without Direct Supervision

As I write this, we are in the midst of a global pandemic, which has changed the way we live and work. Many professionals are working from home for the first time. Based on the questions I’m receiving and complaints I’m hearing, quite a few are struggling as they...

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How Long is Normal to Go Without a Raise?

In my monthly Q&A sessions, I commonly receive a lot of questions about raises. This one comes up frequently: How long is “normal” to go without a raise? Is it a problem to have the same salary for 5 years or more? Here are my thoughts on the subject and some key...

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Career Advancement is a Privilege, Not a Right

I’ve encountered a number of counterproductive attitudes in the workplace, but one in particular really bothers me. Too many people out there think they deserve career advancement for all the wrong reasons. For example, they believe they’re entitled to it because...

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Why Can’t I Get a Raise?

Advancing financially at work can be hard. After all, everybody wants a raise. But there’s only so much money to go around. Someone is always going to be disappointed, and it’s no fun when that person is you. If you’ve been declined for a raise, or told it’s just not...

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How to Raise Your Visibility at Work

About a year ago, I was hosting a training session on the topic of emotional intelligence. I asked the professionals in the room to shout out some of the feelings they experience on an average workday. I heard: happy, frustrated, stressed, angry, overwhelmed,...

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Are Professional Certifications Worth It?

One question I get a lot is around the topic of professional certifications. People want to know if they’re worth it. After all, professional certifications cost hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars. And most require a significant investment of time and energy on top...

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How to Become an Expert in Your Chosen Field

I’m going to make a bold statement here: In the field of professional development, I consider myself an expert. It’s not just because I’ve been writing this blog for over 5 years (any Joe-schmoe off the street can do this, you know!). Rather, it’s because I’ve...

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The Most Important Tool for Accelerating Your Career Growth

So, you want to get ahead at work. Who doesn’t? Almost everyone has dreams of career advancement, whether in the near or distant future. That’s part of the reason the workplace is so competitive. Everyone wants more money, more fulfillment, and more recognition. We’re...

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How to Cope When You Don’t Get the Job

Originally published on U.S. News & World Report You just got the phone call. They liked you a lot. The interview went well. But they've decided to go in another direction. You're disappointed and confused. You were perfect for this job. You have everything...

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How to Keep Your Competitive Edge in the Workplace

During a recent free Q&A session, one individual asked the following question: “I’ve been employed at the same company for over 10 years. I feel secure in my position but, with all the turmoil in the economy, I guess anything could happen. How can I make sure I’m...

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Why You Don’t Deserve a Raise

I know, I know. You want more money. We all do. Maybe you even “need” it. But do you deserve it? That’s the fundamental question your employer is asking. And that’s what you need to address when seeking an increase in pay. You deserve a raise because of your actions...

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Passed Over for a Promotion: How to Deal

On a recent free Q&A session, I heard from a loyal blog reader who was feeling distraught. In a nutshell, her situation was this: After interviewing for almost six months, she thought it as a “sure thing” that she’d be offered a new position in her department....

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