How Nourishing is Your Career?

Chrissy Scivicque, PMP, PCM provides professional development training and resources to help you conquer career complacency and find fulfillment at work.

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Hi, I’m Chrissy!

As the founder of Eat Your Career, I believe that work should be a nourishing and enriching life experience. I am passionate about helping professionals achieve lasting career fulfillment through continuous learning and development.

As a certified PMP (project management professional) and PCM (professional career manager), I bring a unique perspective to the world of professional development.

I look forward to supporting you in your career journey!

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Workplace Trends of 2024 and Beyond: What to Expect and How to Prepare

As we stand at the crossroads of a rapidly evolving professional landscape, it’s crucial to understand the key trends shaping the future of work. From advancements in hiring practices to the integration of AI and automation for productivity enhancement, the workplace of 2024 and beyond will be unlike anything we’ve seen before.

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Why Talking about Money at Work is Dangerous

Salary discussions are multifaceted and nuanced. More often than not, sharing numbers with co-workers only sparks emotion—and that’s the wrong way to approach any financial conversation. There are better and more productive ways of identifying pay disparity and the reasons (justified or not) for it.

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Can AI Improve Our Relationships?

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, most of us are focused on the productivity side of things, considering how we might use AI to get more done in less time. And certainly, that’s a big benefit. But there are many other uses that have the potential to positively impact our interpersonal dynamics—and those ideas are equally exciting.

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